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"How do you get your drums to sound like that?" Is what I'm so used to hearing. I've been in this industry for over 14 years and learned so much over the course of time.  Working and learning from some of the biggest producers such as Dr. Dre.  Working with and having songs with artists such as Lil Wayne, P Diddy, Tyrese, Busta Rhymes, Keyshia Cole, Marsha Ambrosius and so much more.  Why would I keep all this information to myself?  Welcome to the Masterclass!  I've put together over 2 hours of content showing you how I pick sounds, how I program them in different daws such as Logic, Ableton and FL Studio.  I even provide the sessions for those tracks so guess what? Those are brand new drums and loops for you to use all ROYALTY FREE!  I also included a section where I mix down a track from start to finish (what a treat) and if thats not enough I included some never before released sounds.  You can ONLY get from this masterclass.  I also update these files often with new content so don't be surprised if you get an email about an update.  Im always about learning and I enjoy the art of teaching.  Get the Masterclass today theres so much for you to learn and explore!!!!


Happy Programming!!!

The Art of Drum Programming by Seige Monstracity 2.0

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