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Seige Monstracity Presents: The Mnstrcty Special. This kit was created thinking about the every day producer. I always focus on creating kits that are different from the most but THIS particular kit contains sounds and loops that are ready to GO! As always there's always the sounds that are creative if youre not afraid to explore. Enjoy this kit to the fullest!! I KNOW you're going to love this one.


This kit is NOT royalty free!




  • 2 808’s
  • 26 DRUM LOOPS’s
  • 5 HI HAT’s
  • 6 HI HAT LOOP’s
  • 2 OPEN HAT’s
  • 11 KICK’s
  • 21 MELODY LOOP’s
  • 6 PERC LOOP’s
  • 20 SNARE’s
  • 1 TOM LOOP

The MNSTRCTY Special

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